Process Addictions

Posted on: Monday, May 6th, 2013  In: Blog

Are you struggling with a compulsive habit such as gambling, overeating, working too much or overspending?  These are called process addictions.  These addictive behaviors can be as debilitating as those associated with substance addictions, and they require psychological treatment.

Oftentimes, people feel that substance addictions are real and process addictions are simply a weakness. However, they are very similar.  Both are psychological disorders, both are very real, and both require treatment.

You can think of a process addiction as compulsive behavior which is related to a process, while substance addiction requires the ingestion of a particular substance. Substance addictions have been recognized for centuries; process addiction was less widely accepted until recently.

The process of addiction is extremely complex, and it appears to be influenced by a variety of factors. Someone’s mental state, genetics, and social status can all contribute to addiction, as can factors like childhood experiences.

Process addiction appears to be closely linked to the idea of psychological gratification, in that people learn to indulge in an activity to be rewarded in some way, and this in turn creates a state of dependency.  If you need help with gaining  freedom from a process addiction, see Susan Berlin, Psychotherapist today.

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